Ministries at Antioch

  • Seminary

    The Missionary Baptist Seminary, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, was founded by Antioch Baptist Church in September of 1934. Its purpose is to train, not only pastors and teachers, but all workers for the cause of Christ in His churches and to bring the gospel to the world. 


    The Missionary Baptist Seminary has total confidence in the Scriptures as the one and only source of, doctrine, reproof, correction, divine instruction in righteousness in order to equip every Christian for every good work.

    information concerning the missionary baptist seminary

  • Deaf fellowship

    Because the Deaf have a common language and a close bond, we desire to minister to the community as a whole. It's our desire to transcend racial, denominational, and socioeconomic lines in order to reach people. We want to be inclusive of all those who desire to fellowship and follow the Lord! Our Lord Jesus never told us to select those we think would "fit in". Rather, the Lord Jesus gave us these instructions: Jesus said to His followers,

    "Go everywhere in the world, and tell the Good News to everyone." (Mark 16:15)


  • Music Ministry

    Music is a major part of worship here at Antioch! We sing a blend of contemporary and traditional songs to our Lord every Sunday with the sole purpose to honor and glorify His name!

  • Seekers Class

    Where did “young adult” go? You trusted Jesus long ago. You have been through troubled times. But you must never forget to SEEK THE LORD! Late 20s and up. Way up! Seeking to be closer to Jesus! Seeking to trust Jesus more. Seeking ways to serve. 

    Seekers meet on Sunday nights through Zoom. For more information on this, email us at

  • Gold Star/Grace Class

    Gold Star/Grace is a class with, for, and by senior adults. Antioch welcomes all ages within its members: younger and older. Never be afraid to join in!

    Gold Star/Grace Class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:45am and then joins the rest of Antioch for Worship.