History of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

From 1881 to the Present Day


In the year 1881, a small group of believers met in the Lone Pine County School near Oak Street and Asher Avenue in Little Rock, where they soon organized as Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. They worshipped in the schoolhouse for four years, then in 1892 they purchased a lot at 21st and Brown Streets and built a small church house. In 1920, the church of one hundred members called Ben M. Bogard as full-time pastor. In 1924, the church bought two lots at 22nd and Brown and soon built what was known as the Stucco Building. Over those early years, several structural additions were made to the building due to growth in number.

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  • In the Fall of 1934, Antioch started the Missionary Baptist Seminary and Institute in the education part of the church building until the Seminary building was completed. The founders of the Seminary were President Dr. J. Louis Guthrie, Vice President Dr. C. N. Glover, and Dean Ben M. Bogard. Years later in 1947, ending twenty-seven years as pastor, Dr. Bogard resigned as pastor, whereupon L. D. Foreman was appointed as pastor. Later, Dr. Bogard was given the honor as Pastor Emeritus.

    After growing steadily, more room was needed. In 1953, the church purchased nine lots across Brown Street and began to plan a new building. A large church building was erected and on February 28, 1960, the church met in the old building and made the Sunday School report. They then made their way across the street to the new building to conduct their worship service. In 1966 Dr. L. D. Foreman resigned as pastor. The church then called Dr. Vernon E. Lierly and on July 17, 1966, he began his pastorate.

1974 - Present Day

After about fifteen years in this building, Antioch bought five acres of land in December of 1974 on Stagecoach Road, directly next to the 58.4-acre site of the planned Missionary Baptist Seminary campus. On November 7, 1976, that long-awaited and wonderful day was enjoyed by the members of Antioch and a host of visitors, when the congregation met for the first time in the new building. To this day, Antioch worships the Lord every Sunday in that same building at 5300 Stagecoach Road., the fourth building which the church built. 

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  • In 1977, J. C. James became pastor of Antioch. He served faithfully until 1989 when Donald R. Price became pastor. He also served faithfully for ten years. In 1998, Carroll G. Koon became pastor of Antioch and served faithfully for twenty years, resigning in 2018. In January of 2020, G. David Wright answered the call as pastor of Antioch. 

    Over the course of her existence, many pastors have shepherded Antioch, and the blessing of Godly leadership continues to this day. May the Lord continue to bless the labor of love by those in the congregation of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, as well as the many laborers who serve, teach, and learn at the Missionary Baptist Seminary. 

Pastors of Antioch, from 1881 to Present Day

F.P. Davis
Jasper Breeden
Preston McCarty
L. Quinn
J.C. Vaughan
S.L. Pine
A.L. Brumbellow
J.T. Moore
W.A. Dodd
R.S. Taylor
Steward Davis
J.L. Richardson
John Avery
Ben M. Bogard   (1920-1947)
L.D. Foreman   (1947-1966)
Vernon E. Lierly   (1966-1977)
J.C. James   (1977-1989)
Donald R. Price   (1989-1998)
Carroll G. Koon   (1998-2018)
G. David Wright   (2020-Present)

Dedication Plaque

Located in Antioch Vestibule